Phoenix, Arizona candle
Phoenix, Arizona Candle

Phoenix, Arizona Candle

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About this fragrance:

Each of our Local Collection candles have meaning. The Phoenix, Arizona candle is a complex refreshing blend of fragrance notes that symbolize dry warm air, carefully crafted golf courses, and scenic desert hikes. In addition to the cities climate, Phoenix is the near home to a few professional sports teams such as the Suns, Cardinals, Coyotes, and the Diamondbacks. This candle creates the picture of the warm evenings of Major League Baseball surrounded by the mist filled air, dusty hikes through beautiful cactus filled land, the smell of fresh cut grass on the vibrant green golf courses, and the orange blossom blend in the calm air.

This 10 oz. Phoenix, Arizona candle represents the capital city of Phoenix very well with notes of neroli, dust, grass, jade, cactus flower, and tilleul linden. We crafted a candle that'd have it's own day. Picture an early morning hike through the dusty trails of Papago Park that powder up your boots. Finding shade is difficult, but you stop to rest under a tree that keeps you cool as you look out in the distance at cactus filled land and realize how beautiful it is. The round of golf at the freshly watered and cut course surrounded by orange blossoms extends the calm of your day. As the sun begins to set, the sound of professional sports fans in Phoenix continues to rise until the moon is at its peak.

Candle Info:

10 oz. candle in a sleek reusable rocks glass with a Rose Gold lid

8 oz. soy wax hold

Notes of the Phoenix, AZ Candle: Neroli, Grass, Cactus Flower, Jade, Tilleul Linden, Dusty Trails

Enriched with 100% premium soy wax for a natural clean burn and special fragrances seen around the world

30-40 hour burn time

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