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About this fragrance:

Orlando, Florida. Our Orlando candle represents sunshine, magical emotions, and fresh summer air. Our main inspiration is drawn from the abundance of theme parks that draw millions of tourists in a year. From the famous Disney World to the fairly new Lego Land, Orlando is packed with magic. We almost forgot to mention a popular destination in the Harry Potter theme park that allows Harry Potter fans to experience what magic is like by stepping through the Hogwarts castle. In addition to the theme parks, there are a few professional sports teams that add to the cities atmosphere. With the main inspiration of magic and sunshine, here are the candle fragrances that we decided to compose: Orange, Lemon, Pineapple, Rose, and other notes to compliment the main notes.

This 10 oz. Orlando, Florida candle represents the beauty that comes with the abundance of theme parks in the area. This upcoming story is for those that want to experience Orlando. For those who aren't there, or are, we will take you through the magical journey of Disneyworld's Magic Kingdom. Close your eyes and imagine yourself entering the park with theatrical music playing through the speakers and the chatter and excitement of children running around. As you walk, you keep your head on a swivel as you peer at the beautifully constructed buildings from the imagination of Disney executives. One building that you can't take your eyes off of is the Cinderella castle. Throughout the day, you visit attractions such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, It's a Small World, and many more. As the day fades to night, the Cinderella castle gets lit up with fireworks as the ball is underway. Millions of lights fill the air with beautiful colors and sounds to cap off the night. Before we get too deep into our story, you can take off the cinderella outfit that you started to put on while imagining your Orlando adventure.

Candle Info:

10 oz. candle in a sleek reusable rocks glass with a Rose Gold lid

8 oz. soy wax hold

Notes of the Orlando, Florida Candle: Orange, Roses, Pineapple, Rosewood, Lemon, and other minor fragrances to compliment.

Enriched with 100% premium soy wax for a natural clean burn and special fragrances seen around the world

30-40 hour burn time

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