Las Vegas candle
Las Vegas, Nevada candle box with oud and cactus flower

Las Vegas, Nevada Candle

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About this fragrance:

Las Vegas, Nevada. Our Las Vegas, Nevada candle represents opportunity, risk, and beauty hidden in the desert. Glamour, lights, noise, and theatrical performances take over the city. Before the 1900’s, Las Vegas was simply a desert with next to nothing surrounding it. Fast forward 100 years and the emptiness is filled with extravagance and made into one of the world’s busiest cities. 6:24 wouldn’t get out alive if we didn’t mention the gambling. After all, that’s what the city is molded by. With chances to make big bucks, lose big bucks, or simply enjoy the atmosphere around, the Las Vegas air is filled with dopamine. Cactuses, dry air, and lights rushing around. Our candle is filled with Cactus Flower, Jade, Amber, Oud, and notes crafted to represent dusty trails.

This 10 oz. Las Vegas, Nevada candle represents the warmth of the desert, never ending night life, and extravagance.  Close your eyes and imagine you’ve landed in Vegas. You exit your plane into the airport filled with slot machines with smoke in the air. Your personal chauffeur awaits to take you to your hotel. As you look out the window, you see for miles down the desert skyline. With the swivel of the head you can see lights and skyscrapers that spark your enjoyment. Within the blink of an eye you are sipping a cocktail enjoying the shops and casino atmosphere. The chaotic dinging of the machines become so familiar that they turn into melodies gone unnoticed. Minutes turn into hours before you realize it’s almost time for dinner. However, you decide to walk around and enjoy the night and a display of the Bellagio fountains. The fountains put you to sleep and you wake up on, not a sidewalk, but your own bed because this was a story by 6:24.

Candle Info:

10 oz. candle in a sleek reusable rocks glass with a Rose Gold lid

8 oz. soy wax hold

Notes of the Las Vegas, Nevada candle: Cactus Flower, Oud, Woodsmoke, Amber, Pineapple, and notes to compliment.

Enriched with 100% premium soy wax for a natural clean burn and special fragrances seen around the world

30-40 hour burn time

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