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Houston, Texas Candle

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About this fragrance:

Houston, Texas. Our Houston, Texas candle represents Shipley’s Donuts. Taking it back to where this iconic donut chain first started. This candle is a blend between the warm glazed donuts, the berry fillings, and the chocolate glazed donuts. Sure, Houston is a destination filled with uniqueness and one of the world’s most popular phrases, “Houston, we’ve had a problem.” Apollo 13 sent this phrase back to the base in Houston during its moon flight. Fun fact about Houston: as of right now, Houston is the 4th most populous city in the country. In addition to space, Houston is the home to many professional sports teams such as the Rockets, Texas, Astros, and Dynamo. Fragrances in the Houston candle include just a few: Berries, Sugar, Vanilla, and Chocolate. Perhaps we should have blended a hint of coffee in the candle to truly symbolize Shipley’s, but we didn’t. Oops.

This 10 oz. Houston, Texas candle represents a jelly filled donut.  Picture yourself waking up on the first week of fall where the cool seasons breeze swims across your face. The sun is just rising and you’re ready for work. Side note: imagine the old days where you had to drive to work every day to attend a meeting that seemingly lasted the entire day. Now, you’re dressed for work and you decide to stop by the famous Shipley’s Donuts for a classic glazed donut, a jelly filled donut, and a warm coffee. The peacefulness at Shipley’s at sunrise is what gets you through the week. That’s the beauty of the carefully crafted 6:24 Houston, Texas candle. It gets you through the week.

Candle Info:

10 oz. candle in a sleek reusable rocks glass with a Rose Gold lid

8 oz. soy wax hold

Notes of the Houston, Texas Candle: Berries, Sugar, Vanilla, and Chocolate. All of these are blended together to symbolize the smell of a warm donut.

Enriched with 100% premium soy wax for a natural clean burn and special fragrances seen around the world

30-40 hour burn time

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