New Orleans, Louisiana Local Collection Candle

New Orleans, Louisiana.

New Orleans porch calm before Mardi Gras

The inspiration for our candle:

New Orleans, Louisiana has plenty of history behind it. Its distinct, vibrant music is noticeable. Its cajun cuisine is next to none. Not to mention the Mardi Gras celebrations, one of the most chaotic and enjoyable celebrations in the south. With beads flying around the green, purple, and gold filled streets, Mardi Gras is a destination event. During our last visit to the beautiful city, we stayed in the French Quarter and made our first stop at Cafe Du Monde. This perhaps is where we drew our inspiration. The smell of chicory coffee and freshly made beignets filled the air just off of Jackson Square. Since 1862, Cafe Du Monde has been in operation and continues to receive the hype it deserves. Rain or shine, the line in the morning for Cafe Du Monde is lengthy, but it is worth the wait.

So, what goes into the 6:24 New Orleans, Louisiana collection? Simple. Coffee and Spices with other notes. This candle smells like no other and brings a unique fragrance to the air. This is intentional because the New Orleans culture stands on its own.

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