New York City Soy Wax Candle

New York City, New York.

New York City skyline

The inspiration for our candle:

New York City, New York is also known as the Big Apple. This city is a place where complex characteristics of pace and originality fill the air only to be taken away with a stop in Central Park. Where did we draw our line on the inspiration? The colors, the air, the sophisticated architecture from Times Square to the Statue of Liberty, and of course its famous nickname, the Big Apple. Loosely represented in our candles are the sports teams: Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Nets, Jets, NYCFC, and Rangers. The amount of traffic in New York City creates a dense air. Sometimes the chaotic traffic can create a harmony of noises in the city from the sound of honks, firefighter and police sirens, to the sound of semi trucks backing into their drop off destinations. So come, meet us under the clock as we take you through the New York City experience in our blend of fragrances.

This 10 oz. New York City, New York candle represents the chaos that embodies the city along with the soothing calm of the Central Park gardens, lakes, and grass areas. Close your eyes on the corner of Times Square and begin your mental journey down the sidewalks between hundred story buildings, as the sounds of taxi honks, police sirens, and muffled chatter become distant background noise as you reach the Central Park bench to relax. The chaotic noise and quick pace of city life is put at a halt in Central Park beneath the trees near the pond at Central Park. After a few hours of relaxing your Big Apple adventure takes you to a taste of a hand crafted New York style pizza and a Manhattan cocktail at a bar near Times Square under the building lit sky as some of the world's most popular sports teams battle it out. With the time passing and the night growing old with faded building lights and noise, the city that never sleeps, finally does.

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