Los Angeles, California Local Collection Candle

Los Angeles, California.

Los Angeles, California sunset with palm trees

The inspiration for our candle:

Los Angeles, California is also known as the City of Angels. The amount of star power that engulfs this city is undeniable, which is why we used unique, beautiful fragrances. One of the first notes we knew to put in this candle was a fragrance to symbolize the hike up to the Hollywood sign. This fragrance represents the earthy notes that smell of dust. Our next scent represents one of the most popular and crowded roads in California, Sunset Boulevard. Rather than replicating the actual smell of Sunset Blvd., we blended scents that represent a sunset. These notes are citrus and light floral notes that symbolize the dark orange skies blended naturally with red and yellow hues. We couldn't leave out the warmth of Los Angeles, which is why we blended 5 fragrances to pair with the main inspirations. This is the inspiration behind the Los Angeles, California candle and we hope you like it. 

This 10 oz. Los Angeles, California candle represents the beauty that we all are and the emotions we all crave. Close your eyes and imagine driving down Sunset Boulevard, windows down, as the sun sets into the blood orange sky and the tall palm trees turn into sharp silhouettes as the night closes in. With notes of orange, bergamot, rose, tonka & oud, and dusty trails, this candle captures that feeling. Each of our local candles are hand stamped with a rich deep red wax that creates a stunning design and authenticates our candles. 

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