Cincinnati, Ohio Local Collection Candle

Cincinnati, Ohio.

Cincinnati, Ohio bridge at night

The inspiration for our candle:

Cincinnati, Ohio is better known as the Queen City. Our take on Cincinnati is a bit different than most would expect. We carefully thought out the fragrances and their pairings to represent the city. From Skyline chili to the professional sport culture, this candle takes bits and pieces and combines it into one. You may be thinking, how could a Skyline chili and professional sports candle smell any good? We take the ingredient of cinnamon and pair it with other spices to create a warm scent that is subtle, yet bold. We were going to use Ohio river water in our combination of fragrances, but after realizing how dirty it is, we decided to go in a different direction. Another note in this candle that has meaning is the leather. Leather represents the Bengals and the Reds. Two professional sports teams that have had recent struggles, but one team is surely on the turnaround after drafting ex Heisman winner Joe Burrow from LSU. In addition to Cincinnati, we created neighborhood candles that are right outside of Cincinnati. These three candles are Oakley, Over The Rhine, and Hyde Park.

Now that you know more about the creation of our Cincinnati, Ohio candle, we hope you can share your knowledge with the world. Each of our candles are carefully thought out and crafted from beginning to end. We hope to provide you with top quality soy candles and fragrances that are unique enough to stand out from the rest.

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