Chicago, Illinois Local Collection Candle

Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago, Illinois

The inspiration for our candle:

Chicago, Illinois is also known as the Windy City. The third most populous city in the United States. My first visit to Chicago happened when I was younger and the memories keep me going back. Home of a number of professional sports teams: Bulls, Cubs, White Sox, Blackhawks, the Bears, Fire, Sky, and the Red Stars. There are a number of other things to visit and see throughout the visit from Millennium Parks famous Cloud Gate, which was created by using computer technology to cut 168 stainless steel shapes to form "The Bean" and welded together in 2006. Perhaps you may be wondering where our inspiration came from in our Chicago candle and it might surprise you. Garrett Popcorn shops filled the air during my visit to the crowd filled Michigan Avenue. That is our first inspiration, caramel and vanilla. Our next inspiration blends uniquely well. After a long day of walking and shopping, we stopped to get deep dish pizza and the spices and fresh baked bread filled the air. So, our Chicago, Illinois candle is crafted with caramel, vanilla, and simple spices to pair. The goal of 6:24 local collection is to find meaning and create a candle that has history built into it.

So, what goes into the 6:24 Chicago, Illinois collection? Simple yet complex. Chicago is filled with fresh caramel, vanilla, and spices to represent deep dish pizza and fresh popcorn. This candle smells like no other and brings a unique fragrance to the air to represent Chicago.

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