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About this fragrance:

The America candle is the inaugural Country collection candle. This candle represents the beauty of America with scents that'll freshen up your home. We like to think of warm summers at the beach or hikes through beautifully carved mountains. Because the Fourth of July is such a largely celebrated holiday, we included a subtle note of woodsmoke to symbolize fireworks and bonfires that are lit during this loud and enjoyable time. This 10 ounce candle has notes of fresh water for the coastal beach cities, lemon for the warm climate of California, oranges for the popular destination of Florida, woodsmoke for the countless bonfires and fireworks, and other woodsy fragrances to symbolize nature. This candle is also splashed with the national colors of the United States, red, white, and blue. In addition to burning the candle, this glass jar is also reusable as a drinking glass. When finished burning, clean the wax out and remove the wick, wick sticker, and any excess paint to get a nice old fashioned drinking glass.

Candle Info:

Size: 13.25 oz. candle in a sleek reusable Old Fashioned glass

Wax: 10 oz. soy wax hold

Notes: Lemon, Orange, Fresh Water, Rosewood, and Woodsmoke

Enriched with 100% premium soy wax for a natural clean burn and special fragrances seen around the world

40-60 hour burn time


If you would like for us to create a different country collection candle specifically designed for you, head over to the contact page and let us know! We would love to get you the perfect candle.